Paralee Boyd Salon-A Dominican Blow-Dry Salon- is a product of the owner Dana White.  As a native of Michigan she too accepted making hair appointments weeks in advance, only to have stylists show up late and be in the salon for upwards of 3 to 4 hours.  In 2004 she moved to New York City and as with most of us-finding a hair salon became a part of her relocation process. 

To her surprise, she discovered the Dominican Blow Out and learned that not only did she not need to have an appointment, she was out in less than 2 hours and it was significantly cheaper than what she’d been used to paying.  “I no longer had to navigate price, time, and reputation. Doing the work of my hair before actually doing my hair was gone.”

Over time, she saw less hair in her sink when brushing it out and the white flakes on her shoulder disappeared.  “Not only was my hair healthier and stronger, I could now afford to get my hair done once, sometimes twice a week.”

The services at Paralee Boyd Salon follow the Dominican Hair Care model specializing in the infamous ‘Dominican Blow Out’.  They use authentic Dominican products ideal for strengthening, thickening and growing your hair.  With our process, we reduce the amount of heat on your hair as well as reducing the frequency of chemical relaxers.

Paralee Boyd Salon was born of the idea that all women deserve timely, inexpensive and quality hair care.  Named after her maternal grandmother, Paralee Boyd Salon believes that luxury is a feeling and should not be determined by price.